Our Top Things To Do In Galena, IL That Cost Zero Money (Free)

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The Best Free Things to Do in Galena, IL

Galena, Illinois is a charming town located in the Driftless Region of the Midwest. It's known for its historic architecture, its scenic views, and its abundance of outdoor activities. But even if you're on a tight budget, you can still enjoy all that Galena has to offer. Here are some free things to do in Galena:

  1. Explore Grant Park. This beautiful park is located in the heart of Galena and offers stunning views of the Galena River. There's a gazebo, a playground, a fountain, and a number of historical monuments.
  2. Walk along Main Street. This historic street is lined with shops, restaurants, and art galleries. You could easily spend hours browsing the stores and taking in the sights.
  3. Hike at Horseshoe Mound. This 200-acre preserve offers stunning views of the Mississippi River Valley. There are a variety of hiking trails to choose from, ranging from easy to challenging.
  4. Visit Thunderbay Falls and the Owners Club. These beautiful falls are located just a short drive from Galena. You can hike to the top of the falls for stunning views, or take a walk along the river below. The Owners Club is a private club, but the public is welcome to walk along the trails and enjoy the views.

I hope this gives you some ideas for your next trip to Galena!

Note: The Owners Club is located on private property, but as our guest you are welcome to use the indoor/outdoor pool, basketball court, pickleball court, tennis courts and more.